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Meet the Greenbird Family!

Hey there, Michelle & Danny here! We are the husband and wife duo behind Photography By Greenbird. That little guy in our arms is Sawyer, along with his sisters Abigail Green (L) and Olive Bird (R). Together we have a whole lotta fun in our home of Bloomington, IN but we love adventuring and make frequent trips north to our home town of Mishawaka, IN. We describe ourselves as followers of God, newbie parents, dog enthusiasts, Netflix addicts, foodies, and of course Chicago Cubs fans. 

about us photography by greenbird
We started our love story way back in 2007 at the local Arby’s, where we bonded over our passion for roast beef. We were rival high school sweet hearts, who just happened to get our first jobs at the same place. After high school, college, and the twists and turns along the way we were married in Bloomington, Indiana on June 8, 2013. After we tied the knot, Michelle felt the calling to help others do the same, and our Greenbird journey began …

Skip ahead three years to realize our greatest adventure was just getting started. Raising our son Sawyer. We have absolutely loved connecting with clietnts on a level we didn’t even know was possible, newbie parents. It seems like a chunk of us all were expecting at the same time, and I constantly find myself messaging and snap chatting the fellow mamas out there to either tell them how absolutely adorable their little one is, or ask one of the millions of questions going though my head. We love watching our little one grow alongside other Greenbird families and just knowing we are all in this together makes it that much sweeter.

Meeting families, hearing their stories and sharing in their joy has been a truly rewarding experience. We take pride in our business and see it as a reflection upon ourselves. We like to say that Michelle is the right side of the brain while Danny is the left. Michelle is the one behind the lens most, and is the creativity of Greenbird. On the other side, Danny is perfecting the light, making children laugh and getting the candid shots everyone loves. Together we make up an incredible duo that not only works together but also is growing a family and building our lives together. We love relating to our clients and sharing in all of the highs and lows this life offers.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to stay a while.